The Right Attire

As a little girl I attended a school that required us to wear a uniform. All schools, public and private in Honduras, require a uniform. My teacher always checked that we had the correct uniform, not a shirt that looked similar to the uniform, but the one required. It was part of our daily chores to make sure we had our uniform so we could “enter” school. Many a times our parents received a note saying that for some reason or another, we did not have the proper attire. These three Psalms, written by David, are very candid conversations and David directs his questions, doubts, fears, and requests to God. In Psalm 15, David asks the question that many of us have asked, “Who can enter and worship in your sanctuary?” David’s answer seems to rule humanity out, “Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right,” and then proceeds to describe what he means by “those who do what is right.” The problem is that sometimes I do what is right and sometimes I don’t. I wonder if David ever dreamed that Jesus would come precisely to cover us in God’s righteousness. Did David receive an idea that one day, we might be able to enter God’s presence, not because we can do what is right, but because God provided what was needed? I don’t know the answer to that, but I am certainly glad that we have been made right with God because of the work of Jesus Christ.

Read: Psalms 13, 14, and 15

Questions to Consider:

1.    Can you think of a time that you were not dressed appropriately for an occasion? How did you feel?

2.    What do these three Psalms tell you about David? What do they tell you about God?

3.    Can you write one or two questions you would ask God?

Prayer: Lord God today we thank you that you are a loving God. You have provided all that is needed for our journey. Thank you Lord, Amen!

Activity for the Day:  Notice those who wear uniforms: waiters, grocery store workers, nurses, police officers, post office workers. Today write a short prayer of thanksgiving for their daily work. 


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