Summer Study 2020

Radical Hospitality

When I was a girl there was an older woman in our church who lived in an assisted living facility.  The church had a program where all the people in assisted living facilities however, no one wanted to visit this particular lady.  Finally my mother volunteered to visit her and sometimes she would take me along.  My mother quickly found out why no one wanted to visit this lady, she was mean.  She always insulted my mother and if I came along she insulted me as well.  All the other people who had visited her before gave up and they had a lot to say about this lady.  However, my mother did not give up, she kept right on visiting this lady.  My mother figured that even thought she was mean, she must still be lonely and in need of a little company.  The woman eventually softened a little and looked forward to the visits.    

 I hope you enjoy your reading, pay close attention while you read Psalm 41 and see if you can figure out why I told this story about the mean lady. 

 Read: Psalms 40, 41, and 42

Questions to Consider:

1.    Have you ever felt like the person in this Psalm?  

2.    Have you ever treated anyone like the person in this Psalm? 

3.    What is your idea of Radical Hospitality?  

Activity for the Day:  What are you doing to serve those in our local community?  Use your journal to brainstorm ideas of how you can serve others.  Then pick one or two of the ideas and put them into action.  


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