Summer Study 2020

The Lord’s Blessings…

If you have been around me for a while you will know that I am not a detail person. That is simply not how God created me. I tend to look at things from 20,000 feet––the big picture. This is especially true of how I read the Word. When I read Scripture, I look for and tend to move towards the big themes, the threads that we find flowing throughout the whole of God’s revelation. One of those chief threads captured me early within my ministry and has been a driving force in how I see my role as a pastor; and that is the thread of God’s outward universal nature. Our God is a God for all of creation, and as such is always moving outward to bless all of the human race. This outward missional theme of God is especially found in our first psalm today, Psalm 67. Psalm 67 is a short beautiful psalm of praise for all the nations.  

I invite you to focus on Psalm 67 this morning as you read your three psalms, then watch the video and reflect on the questions below.  

Read: Psalms 67, 68, and 69

Questions to Consider:

1.    How does it feel to have someone “smiling on you? (see Psalm 67:1) Describe what it is like to have God smile on you in your own words. 

2.    How does the psalmist that the blessing of verse 1 and move it out into the whole world?

3.    Why do you think the psalmist anticipates harvests and blessing to come out of the nation’s praising God? (Psalm 67: 5 & 6)

Activity for the Day: Find a map of the world (you can find one by doing a google search), pick a country that you do not know about and spend a few minutes learning about that country (Wikipedia is a good place to do this). Then pray for the people of the new country you have learned about. Ask God to bless them and for them to know of God’s love.   


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