Summer Study 2020

Singing A New Song

You may not know this but almost all of the psalms were written as songs, not just as poems or prayers. Since early in the history of humanity there is record of song, especially songs written about and for the worship of God. I think that is why for many of us the hardest thing about coming to worship in-person during this time of COVID is the fact that we have been asked (and with good reason) not to sing! There is something about song that takes words and moves them into a much deeper place within our soul.

Several years ago I read this article about something called “The Justin Bieber Effect.” Some guy for his doctoral dissertation studied the connection of music style with worship and found that most people end up connecting with the music style that they were most into during the final stages of their brain’s hard wiring, which is taking place between the ages of 15 and 21. For most of us, he found, the music that we are most connected with during these formative years becomes the music that drives our heart passion for life and becomes the musical foundation of our praise as disciples in our adult life.

As you read these psalms today, look for the call of the psalmists to sing our songs to the Lord and then answer the questions below. 

Read: Psalms 94, 95, and 96

Questions to Consider:

  1. What does the psalmist call us to do in the first verses of Psalm 95 and 96? What is different about Psalm 96?
  2. What is your favorite kind of music? Is it similar to the style of music you listened to as a young adult?
  3. How can you worship God today through song and verse?

Activity for the Day:  Find a new worship song (that fits your musical taste) via Google or YouTube that takes you to God in worship and learn the lyrics today.  


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