Summer Study 2020

Psalm 100

Now this is what I am talking about, this is what I think of when I think of a psalm.  I can just feel some of you putting this one on your favorites list.  All warm fuzzies here, no laments or bad things to be found in this psalm, just a good old psalm of thanksgiving.  However, there is some good stuff in this little psalm, it is actually packed with good stuff.  In fact, this little psalm, read faithfully, can teach you and help you remember a lot about the character of God.

This psalm tell us:

  • That the whole earth, not just humanity praises God
  • That we are to worship with gladness
  • That we are sing with joy
  • That we are to shout with joy
  • That we are speak with God 
  • That there is only one God
  • That God made us
  • That we are God’s special possession
  • That God cares for us and protects us
  • That when we enter into God house we should do it with Thanksgiving and praise
  • That God is good
  • That God’s love is unfailing
  • That God’s love last forever
  • That God is faithful
  • That these promises last for all generations

That sure is a lot of stuff to be packed into five little verse.  See you in the video. 

Read: Psalms 100, 101, and 102

Questions to Consider: No questions, just two Activities of the Day!

Activity for the Day #1:   Go outside for a walk in God’s creation.  As you walk worship God with gladness as you notice all that God has created.  When you come home, if you feel so inclined, put on some praise music and sing with joy! 

Activity for the Day #2:   Write this psalm on a sheet of paper and tape it on the bathroom mirror.  Each morning when you brush your teeth read it. 


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