Summer Study 2020

That’s Not Right!

We are well into Book Five and quickly coming towards the end of our study, as there are only 150 psalms.  

Today I chose to talk about Psalm 109 because it is a little harsh.  The psalmist is upset.  The psalmist has clearly been wronged by someone.  The psalmist wants God to take this person out, as well as all of this person family, including the children.  It is a little graphic, it is a little disturbing, it is more than a little angry and apparently it is perfectly acceptable material for the Holy Bible.  

I think we need a face to face meeting to talk about this.  Read the three psalms and then I will see you in the video.  

Read: Psalms 109, 110, and 111

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you ever been as angry as the psalmist?
  2. Do you find it easy or hard to turn your anger over to God? 

Activity for the Day:  Are you angry at someone?  Do you need to turn over some angry thoughts to God?  Take a walk first, gather your thoughts, you might even want to write them down.   Then have a serious meeting with God.  Let God know how you really feel.  Then let that anger go.  If you wrote your anger out you might want to do something like burn the paper to symbolize that you really gave it over to God (be careful with fire).  


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