Summer Study 2020

Bringing it All Together

Today we really begin to move towards the end of our Psalms study. Psalm 133 and 134 are the last two of the Psalms of Ascent. Psalm 135 is a wonderful Psalm of praise that recounts God’s deliverance of Israel from their captivity in Egypt. As you read the psalms today, watch the video, and ponder the questions, think about how God has delivered you from times of peril, struggle or personal grief. Then ask yourself how you can live into that deliverance to love and serve others.

Read: Psalms 133, 134, and 135

Questions to Consider:

  1. In Psalm 133 what do you think it means to live in harmony with your brothers and/or sisters?
  2. How have you learned to live in harmony with those around you? How have you struggled with living in harmony?

Activity for the Day:   Think of a family member or friend with whom you sometimes struggle over differing opinions and give them a call just to say hi and have a conversation with no arguments


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