Fall Bible Blog 2020

Boldness of Peter and John

The other day the staff and some of the leaders of the church went away for a one day retreat.  Part of the retreat was a short lecture about our different personality types.  We learned that some of the staff and leaders are introverts and some are extroverts.  We learned that some of us were more gifted in some areas than others of us.  Some exceled at being flexible, others were organized and insightful, still others had the gifts of spontaneity and creativity, valuing inspiration and newness in everything and others of us were gifted in the areas of logic, precision and common sense.  At the end of the presentation we walked away knowing a little more about ourselves and a little more about each other.  It is wonderful to know that God created each of us different for the other.  I always tell my children (now adult children) that God created them to be exactly the Baylee and Emilee that they are and I expect them to be the best Baylee or Emilee that they can be.  I never wanted or want them to compare themselves to anyone else, because God didn’t create them to be that person, God created them to be them. 

When I look at today’s passage, especially when I look at it thinking about John’s role in it all, I wonder if John looked at Peter and compared himself to Peter.  However, God gave Peter gifts and God gave John gifts, each to be used in their own ways.  God gives us all gifts to be used.  I hope you enjoy the reading and the video. 

Read: Acts 4:1-31

Questions to Consider:

  1. What gifts has God given you?
  2. How are you boldly using your gifts? 
  3. Go for a walk and think about way you can use your gifts.

Prayer:  Gracious God, help me to not compare myself to other people, wishing I had their gifts, instead, help me to know my gifts.  Help me to use my gifts to help others know about you and your love.  Amen.     


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