Fall Bible Blog 2020

So She Laughed

Have you ever laughed when you heard what someone thought you could do?  I have done it many times.  Usually when I laugh at someone telling me I can do something it involves something physical, like lifting something heavy, pushing a little harder in an exercise class or when I am hiking with my eldest daughter and she insists I can go up a steep grade that I am quite sure I cannot make it up and most assuredly cannot make it down.  Laughter is sometimes what do when we are getting agitated and don’t know emotionally how to respond.  Obviously when lifting heavy boxes with someone I don’t want to have an emotional outburst, so I laugh.  When in exercise class, I don’t want to become emotional and negative, even though my emotions start to run high, because it is difficult, so I laugh when asked to do something that pushes me.  When hiking with my daughter and she is pushing me to do hard things, of course I don’t want to snap at her and become mean, so I keep it “light” by laughing while I say “Are you crazy, there is no way I can that.”  It seems nicer that way, more hospitable. 

Enjoy reading about Sarah’s episode with laughter and then I will see you in the video.   

Read: Genesis 18:1-15

Questions to Consider:

  1. What did you think God had planned for you this year that has not happened yet?
  2. What do you think we can learn from 2020? 
  3. Has there been a time in the past when you have doubted the plan God had for you?  How has God’s plan turned out? 

Prayer: God, sometimes I laugh because if I didn’t laugh I would cry! This year has been hard! Help me to see what I can learn from all of this mess. Help me to see that this is just a short time and that we will soon come out of this season. Thank you for being faithful! Amen.


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