Fall Bible Blog 2020

Laughter turned to Anger

When we left Sarah yesterday she was laughing but it was not out of joy.  Today we find her laughing in great joy, she finally has a son.  However, as you read you will soon see that her joy turns to anger towards Hagar.  Y’all, life is just difficult.  Just when you think you are on top of the world, just when you think you are finally ready to coast, something hits you and knocks you back down.  If we are to learn anything from the life of Sarah it is that life has ups and life has downs.  If you continue to read the Bible you will see that this is true for everyone else.  God knows this and it is within the mess of our up and down lives God calls us and uses to change the world.  What I love most about all the Bible stories is how real they are and how I see my own strengths and weaknesses in the people.   

Read: Genesis 21:1-21

Questions to Consider:

  1. When is a time you have let your emotions get the better of you? 
  2. How did that situation turn out?  How could it had gone differently?
  3. What Bible character in this story do you identify with the most?  Why?

Prayer: Lord, help me in all time, when my emotions are in control and when my emotions get out of control. Guide me in my life, help me to find mentors in my life that can help to guide, both mentors in the Bible but also contemporary mentors. Amen.


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