Fall Bible Blog 2020

World Communion Week

Is that a thing, World Communion Week?  Can I make it a thing?  I am making it a thing.  It is Would Communion Week!  I am very excited about our special worship service this weekend.  I hope you are planning to attend.  Remember, we are only having one service, on Sunday at 9:30.  You can come and worship in your car or golfcart.  We will also be livestreaming our service in all the ways that we always do.  

This week during our Bible Blog we will do looking at the Bible and what it says about communion.  For the first three days we will look at the Last Supper as reported in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.  I hope you enjoy this detailed look at communion and I hope to see you this weekend at our special service as we have communion with the rest of the world. 

Read: Matthew 26:17-30

Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you remember the first time you took communion?  Where was it?  What do you remember about it? 
  2. What details stand out to you in Matthews story of the Last Supper? 

Looking to go a little deeper, like almost an hour deeper?  Here is a link to a podcast about the Passover.  It is an excellent listen if you have the time. 

Prayer: God of Light, walk with us this day.  Speak to us this day.  Feed us, grow us.  In your name. Amen. 


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