Fall Bible Blog 2020

Fall Decorations or Not?

Today Jim and I took our Fall decorations out…  halfheartedly! 

This year has been a difficult one, more for Jim than for me. Jim loves to entertain and have friends over and because of COVID we have refrained from doing so. However, we decided to put just a few things here and there. I found my spirits lifted as I pulled out a few pumpkins and candles with fall colors (even though it does not feel like fall) and placed them around the house. 

The gospel of Luke gives us more details about the Last Supper. We even learn the names of the two disciples tasked with preparing for Passover. I can only imagine Peter and John either excited about being tasked with this job or wondering if they were going to miss out on some great event while they went to do such a menial task as preparing a meal. I wonder if they bothered with any table decorations (ha, ha)! I’m sure someone had to add some candles to enliven the table. And then they sat and enjoyed a meal together. The disciples had no idea that this Passover was going to change lives for centuries to come. A simple piece of bread and a cup of wine to remind us (every time we partake) of the gift of grace given to all. Jesus saying YES to the call to serve. In fact, in this narrative, the disciples after the meal are debating who among them is the greatest. Jesus responds to them by saying, “Hey, look at what I am doing… I am serving you, so you should serve others.” Today, the call is the same. If we call ourselves disciples of Jesus, we must be willing to serve. Where can you be of service today?

Read: Luke 22:1-30

Watch Video: 

Questions to Consider:

  1. What does sharing communion every week means to you?  
  2. Have you set out any fall decorations? Pull out one or two and as you set them around the house, give thanks for the gift of God in your life.

Prayer: Lord God, we thank you for the different accounts of the Last Supper. For the sacrament given to us to practice often, so we might not forget your gift of love. We pray for those who for one reason or another are not able to partake of communion. Bless them and reassure them of your unconditional love for them. Amen!


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