Fall Bible Blog 2020

October is Here!

How in the world can it be October.  It seems like just yesterday that it was Lent and we were talking about being in the wilderness waiting for this time of Coronavirus to end.  When we were in the early days of this virus I never thought it would last until fall.  As the wilderness dragged into Easter, spring and then summer I could hardly imagine fall ever arriving.  However, it is here.  October has arrived.  Soon we will be thinking of Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving, Christmas movies, Christmas shopping, Advent and all of our other fine Christmas traditions.  Then very soon after that we will be back to Lent.  Back to grumbling in the wilderness. 

Our communion story today is a little different.  John, unlike the other Gospels does not talk about the actual Last Supper.  However, we do find an echo of the communion story the day after he feeds the 5000.  The next day Jesus talks to the people about the time when they wandered around in the wilderness, complaining and living on manna.  Then in the course of talking about those things, he started talking about a new kind of bread, the Bread of Life and of course, there was new complaining. 

Take some time to read the scripture and then join me in the video.  See you soon. 

Read: John 6:22-59

Questions to Consider:

  1. When you don’t understand something do you tend to complain about it or try to understand it?
  2. Why do you think Simon Peter had such great faith in Jesus?
  3. What sorts of things can you do to deepen your faith in Jesus? 

Prayer: Jesus, help me to remember not to complain when I do not understand the things that are happening around me.  Help me to stop and listen and try to understand what is happening, asking questions for better understanding.  Help me not to grumble.  Amen. 


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