Advent Study 2020

Sharing Our Stories: December 9

Writer’s Name:  Marilyn Booth

Writer’s Ministry: Administrative Manager

Assigned Text: Isaiah 11:1-10

Word of the Week: Hope

As a child, the time leading up to Christmas was a time filled with hope!  I can remember being so excited when the Christmas catalogs came in the mail!  I would spend hours poring through them, day after day.  My mom had us circle things that we hoped to get for Christmas.  Visits with friends during this time consisted of reviewing our wish lists and comparing notes.  I’m certain this was actually the times we were best behaved because we were so occupied with these catalogs!

All of this constant review fed the hope of getting everything circled.  Not that any of us did.  Looking back, that hope was followed by a little let down.  That coveted toy wasn’t quite as thrilling as it seemed to be in the catalog.

What a difference maturity makes.  I look at Christmas now with real hope, as evidenced in this passage.  My hope is bolstered by the most perfect and absolute promise, God’s personal guaranty that everything will be perfect.  And there won’t be any let down!  God has promised a world of peace and it will be glorious!!

Daily Prayer:  God of hope, thank you for the gift of your Son whose perfection was sacrificed for the redemption of mankind’s sin.  Thank you for the hope that you have given us, that dwells in our hearts!

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

  1. Where does your hope rest?
  2. What will it be like when our hope is realized, and we are standing in the glory of God?
  3. How can we share our hope with the community around us?

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