Lenten Study 2021

March 2, 2021 – Bread of Life

When I was very young, my family would go on vacation to visit my aunt and uncle out at the farm. My aunt made homemade bread in a huge brick oven. It smelled so good and the bread was delicious especially coming right out of the oven. But then, I would join my cousins going throughout the small town selling the bread. Of course, most people recognized my cousins, and they knew the bread came from my aunt’s oven, they loved it. Most of the time we got paid in other goods rather than money. Our basket was filled with eggs, milk, rice, beans, or whatever goods were appropriate as payment. This simple life provided for the needs for everyone in town. In today’s scripture the crowds are following Jesus because they wanted to be fed. Possibly, they were hungry, and they had heard how Jesus had fed a multitude of people. Jesus is saddened that they were missing the point. They asked for signs so they could believe, Jesus challenged them by saying… “I am the bread of life.” Sometimes, we might have the answer right in front of us, but we are unable to see it because we are too focused on our immediate need. Jesus can see beyond the surface and see the true spiritual need in our hearts. Today you might have an apparent need, trust God with that need, lay it before him, and go about your day in confidence that the living God remains and abides with you.

Read: John 6:22-59

Questions to Consider:

  1. How does Jesus handle the crowd that wants to see miracles in order to believe?
  2. What is Jesus’ purpose in using terms such as “living water” and “bread of life”?
  3. Have you ever had an experience when God has provided a spiritual need you had?

So What Activity:   Today, as you eat and drink every meal, take time to thank God who provides spiritual food to supply your need.


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