Lenten Study 2021

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 – Good Shepherd

When my children were little, they could be in middle of a large crowd of screaming children and I had the ability to instantly spot them if they began to cry! Now I wonder how that works? How is it possible that I could hear all those children’s voices and yet recognize my own child? Maybe it was something deep within me or maybe it was because I heard day in and day out that specific cry and it became ingrained in me. Such is the assertion of Jesus regarding his sheep. His sheep know his voice. How? Something has happened that the shepherd’s voice becomes ingrained within them. To the point that when other voices come, the sheep will declare this is not their shepherd. Jesus was using words that people could understanding. Those in the crowds following Jesus knew about sheep. It was part of their livelihood. They knew their own sheep would not follow anyone else. Only the true owner. They understood that. 

We often hear many voices telling us what we should do and how we should do it. Are we able to recognize the voice of our master? Read the words from Jesus and then watch the video.

Read: John 10:1-21

Questions to Consider:

1. Did you notice that the Good shepherd leads the sheep, and the sheep follow the shepherd? Are you a follower of the master or do you try to lead the way?

2. If Jesus was talking to us, what example would he use instead of sheep? Maybe our children and grandchildren hear our voice, and they recognize it? What else?

3. What are the strong voices that pull us away from the master?

So What Activity: Take 5 minutes to pray. The master knows your very voice. Breath in his presence and enjoy a few minutes with the shepherd who loves you unconditionally.  


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