Lenten Study 2021

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – Holy Week

Jesus is right at the end of his time with his disciples, and he wants them to remain in him and to remain in sacrificial love with each other. I love the metaphor of the vine and the pruning that he uses to start off this discourse. I especially like the comparison of the Father as the gardener. The gardener’s intention is the wellbeing of the vine and the gardener will do whatever it takes to help the vine grow and produce. Then, Jesus moves on to speak about “remaining” and “abiding.” These two words essentially describe what we are called to be as disciples—People who abide in Jesus. Finally, Jesus issues a new commandment to “love one another.” Jesus re-emphasized that there’s no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Jesus also makes a claim in this paragraph that we can ask the Father what we need in Jesus’ name and it will be given to us, followed with a final, “Love one Another.” I wonder if Jesus wanted us to ask the Father to help us love one another, because this loving one another is hard. Pastor Kristyne talked about it on her sermon just a couple of Sundays ago, Love is hard. Yet, as disciples, we can ask the Father in Jesus’ name to help us truly love one another. Today, if there is someone that you are having difficulty with, just say a short prayer and ask the Father to show you how to love that person, in Jesus’ name. 

Read: John 15:1-17

Questions to Consider:

  1. What are some of the things you do in order to “remain” or “abide” in Jesus?
  2. Is there someone that you have struggle to “love” in the last few days? Can you open your heart to the Father and share your struggle with Him asking that he would clear a path for you to learn how to love?

So What Activity:   Today, prepare your heart for celebrating Holly Week. Mark in your calendar to reserve a time to go through the prayer stations at Lake Deaton UMC either tomorrow or Friday morning.


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