ReVision Study

April 16 – Introduction to Intentional Faith Development with Pat Bailey

Greetings, My name is Pat Bailey and currently I’m serving as a co-chair for the Re-vision team at Lake Deaton United Methodist Church

Scripture: Matthew 18:20 – For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them.

Christ’s gracious invitation, through Radical Hospitality, embraces us and nudges us to open ourselves to forming relationships. God’s transforming presence in Passionate Worship opens our hearts to Christ’s pardon, love, and grace, creating in us a desire to follow. Growing in Christ requires more than weekly worship though, and it is through Intentional Faith Development that God’s Spirit works in us, perfecting us in the practice of love as we grow in the knowledge and love of God.

As John Wesley realized, growth in faith does not come easily or automatically, but requires placing ourselves in community to learn the faith with others. By becoming part of a learning, listening, serving community, we place ourselves in the circumstances that are most advantageous for growth in faith. In addition, learning in community provides accountability for our faith journeys. When others know we want to accomplish a task, they often ask us questions on our progress; we want to be able to have a positive response.

Not only does the community hold us accountable, the community becomes our encourager, our “supporting cast”. On the rare occasions when we grow weary of miniscule spiritual advances, our community rallies us to continue the journey. And when we succeed everyone cheers and celebrates the accomplishments.

Lake Deaton UMC has many small group opportunities with a wide variety of interests. Some are short term studies others have longer time commitments. While some require minimal effort others need dedication for maximum faith benefits. There is a small group setting for where ever your interest may be. If faith development is calling out to you as a more intentional practice, you’ll be warmly welcomed if you step out in faith and join in. 


  1. Who makes up your “supporting cast”? Who encourages you along your faith journey?
  2. Will you make a choice to develop your faith intentionally?

Prayer: Lord, guide me to where you want me to grow in faith. Open my mind so that I become more intentional in my journey of faith. AMEN

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