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April 20 – Radical Hospitality with Teresa Burgess

My name is Teresa Burgess.  I live in The Village of Fenney with my husband Wayne and our two dogs, Tica and Raven.  We have one daughter Faith, who is married to a wonderful man, Brian, and a grandcat, Lex.  I’m part of the Bloom Women’s ministry, the Cardmaking Team, and Discipleship Committee here at Lake Deaton.  I love to read and scrapbook. 

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Ever since we’ve been married, Wayne and I have loved to entertain.  We had his fellow residents and their families over for pot lucks.  Nothing fancy, we would throw some meat or chicken on the grill, make a salad, my chocolate chip cookies and have a great time getting to know everyone and relaxing for an afternoon or evening.  In Japan we would have our neighbors, colleagues, fellow officers over for dinner or an evening of relaxation.  As Faith grew, we would have her friends and their parents over, host meet and greets for missionaries on furlough and other events.  When we lived in Philadelphia, our townhome was too small, so we would reserve a room in a nearby restaurant for Wayne’s colleagues and staff. 

We were excited when we moved here and invited our neighbors for an open house.  We were soon entertaining friends and neighbors and people we met around The Villages.  After Covid hit, we limited the number of people we invited, and many expressed the relief and joy of being able to get out of the house for an evening.  As we’ve gotten older, we realize we don’t need to be anything fancy, it’s the fellowship and the friendship that’s important. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a step you are willing to take to practice Radical Hospitality in your neighborhood? 
  2. What routine activities can you turn into a means of practicing the hospitality for Christ? 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for friendships, family, and hospitality.  For being able to see each other in person.  For being able to go out again.  Thank you that hospitality is simple, even one on one.  Thank you for reminding us of this.

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