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May 3 – Risk-Taking Mission and Service with Scott Curry

Hello, my name is Scott Curry. I am on the men’s ministry lead team at Lake Deaton.

The devotional practice I will be presenting today is risk- taking mission and service from five practices of fruitful congregations. My message is to “be fruitful and serve the Lord”. My scripture message is from John 4:19.  Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us.

I’m not a mission type guy like the Bakers from our church. That is their gift, calling, and blessing from God. Praise God for our missionaries. We have a myriad of opportunities in the mission field such as providing water wells in the Congo, the Zoe project, Samaritan Purse, UMCOR,Prison Ministry, Matthew 25…Please call the church if you are interested in any of these outreach ministries and missions.

I am more of a service type guy. ”HE” uses me as an instrument or vessel. I surely have a lot of service in my background and at the  present time. I owned my own service business for 23 years. My wife and I were very active in the PADS program for the homeless at our home church. We would provide supper, sleep pads, breakfast, and lunch. We spearheaded a monthly drive for toddlers taking in diapers, underwear, and socks. I loved my 10 years at youth summer camp as well as  bible school.

Today I give my time and service playing piano for the cancer patients at the hospital, LD new respite program,  and during an occasional offertory .  I set up chairs, greet, clean the grounds, work with congregants on cleaning up our church’s  adopted highway.It makes me think of a “Goodman family” song THE LONGER I SERVE HIM THE SWEETER LOVE GROWS.

Outside of church I am a make a wish granter, making kids dreams come true. I help out at House of Hope. We make monthly donations to the food pantry. Serving on the men’s ministry team has been a joy as well. Many congregants serve at the Wildwood schools as mentors. The service opportunities are endless and as Pastor Jim says… We are not done yet. It’s our time and place to give back as we have been so freely blessed in our lives.

I feel we are all at our very best when we serve the Lord. It is not only pleasing to God, but to those served, and it is pleasing to us as well. We have contributed and given the best of ourselves not for personal aggrandizement but for the love of God. He expects our very best for the kingdom.  As believers our spirits guide us to be a vessel through him and to others.

You all know it feels better to give than receive.  Rick Warren states, “God uses people who expect him to act, who never give up, who take risks in faith, who get his dream and go after it. It’s your choice whether you want to be the kind of person God uses to accomplish his purpose.

Other small things you can do to serve: phone calls, visits, prayers, offer help, encouragement, and support… be there,  show up,  listen.  Ask neighbors (churched or unchurched) or Christian brothers and sisters  to a coffee or meal.  Bake for or drop off food to those in need.

You are blessed to be a blessing. It is God’s way.

Prayer: Father, in Jesus we see the perfect model of humble service. Help us to be like him. Open our eyes to the needs of others in the world, and give us the strength and motivation to act boldly when we see those needs. Help us to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Guide us to be good servants and stewards…In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you have the inner calling to serve?
  2. How can you best serve in our community and the world?
  3. What service or mission would you like Lake Deaton to pursue?

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