Lent 2022

Lenten Study – March 10

Gosh, we moved yesterday from don’t judge to today; go ahead and judge.  I have to say studying the Bible is hard.  Sometimes when people get to areas like this in the Bible, they want to give up because the Bible is complicated and seems not to make sense.  However, to understand what is happening here, you have to put yourself in the time and place of the community that Paul is writing.  You have to understand what it was like to live in this time and this place.  Take a moment to read the text for the day, and I will see you in the video.  

1 Corinthians 5

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you usually do when you get to difficult Bible passages? 
  2. What do you typically do in your life when you get to difficult times? Do you add a little yeast?  
  3. In what ways can you get rid of the yeast in your life?  

So What Activity: Make some bread. Please share it with someone.


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