Lent 2022

One of the first churches I ever pastored was a small country church. As a young pastor I was passionate about trying to help them become more welcoming of anyone new who would visit the church and so I implemented the 10.5.2 rule. The 10.5.2 rule says, you great everyone you come within 10 feet of with a big welcome and a warm smile; you spend the first five minutes after church connecting within someone new; and you never let anyone sit alone.  What I didn’t think through as I was establishing the new hospitality plan was that as a small country church, they almost never got visitors. In fact, we would maybe get a visitor in our church once or twice every couple of months and usually these “visitors” were family members visiting someone from the church.  

Even though we did not really receive many visitors, our congregation implemented the rule with excitement and passion and amazingly two weeks after we launched our new “rule” a single visitor entered our church. I can still remember watching as a man entered through our back door, and almost 40 eager eyes immediately transfix on this new unknown “single” person. Remember that the 2 in the 10.5.2 rule is that no one sits alone! 

The man walked about three or four rows up and found a seat and within about 30 seconds what seemed like fifteen people had sat on all sides of him! Needless to say, he never came back.

Our story today is about radical hospitality. I hope you enjoy the passage and video as we see how Paul calls the church in Corinth to radically welcome the outsider into the body of Christ.

1 Corinthians 14

So What Activity: 

Today spend some time thinking about how you can become more welcoming in worship. What do you do when you come to worship that is welcoming to a new person entering the church and what do you do that is not? Make a plan on how to connect with someone new this weekend (something similar to the 10.5.2 rule) and then try to live it out as you come to worship this week.


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