Lent 2022

March 29 – Lenten Devotional

Often the scriptures talk about food. I want to think that the reason behind this, is because so much of our lives is taken up around the kitchen or around a meal. Did you know that an individual with an average lifespan will spend a little over 32,000 hours eating? That’s a lot of time… and so a lot of fellowship, gathering, and learning, takes place around the table. Jesus, as a human being, during his time teaching and healing, also spent time eating with his disciples and friends. These were great opportunities for learning about God and about humanity. As you read Mark 2, pay attention to what is Jesus sharing with us about what the Kingdom of God is like. Primarily, the Kingdom of God is invitational (Jesus ate with “disreputable sinners” v. 15.) Then, Jesus announced that the Kingdom of Heaven brings new things, unknown and unfamiliar to us, (“New wine calls for new wineskins.” v.22) Finally, Jesus demonstrated a God who is not bound by our rules and regulations, (“So, the Son of Man is Lord, even over the Sabbath!” v.27). Jesus used all these events to teach us about God’s Kingdom. Every Lent season we have an opportunity to sit at the table with Jesus and experience God in a new way. My friends, let us be open to the newness of God within us!

Mark 2

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you ever felt compelled to go listen to a speaker because he/she is so good that you were willing to wait in line to buy a ticket or to enter? Imagine those wanting to hear Jesus.
  2. Can you remember some of the revelations you have received of who God is around a meal? Maybe with your small group or with a friend?
  3. Is there something “new” about the Kingdom of God you are being aware of lately?

So What Activity: 

Today, pick up a ticket for the Living Last Supper event that will take place at Lake Deaton on Holy Wednesday, Wednesday, April 13, @ 6 p.m. (Tickets can be picked up at the church office.)


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