Lent 2022

Lenten Study – April 12

Read today’s passage. – Mark 12

When I think about “how” to learn to love people, I know there are many ways to accomplish this.  One of the ways I started to widen my circle of people to love was to begin thinking about people I didn’t know and what they might need.  This can be accomplished in many ways, but one of the ways that I have found very successful is always to give when asked.  One day, I decided to start donating to whatever charity asked for a donation.  For example, if I am checking out at Publix and they ask for money for “such and such” charity, I donate.  If I walk out the door and someone is collecting money, I drop some in the bucket.  If I am checking out online and it gives me the option to round up for a charity, I do it.  I even give to people on the street who ask me for money.  I decided in those cases that it wasn’t up to me to judge their circumstances or what they might do with the money I gave them.  

Part of the reason I decided to always say yes to giving was that, quite frankly, I love my money a lot.  I think if we are all honest, we all do.  It is easy for us to hold onto our money and want to use it to “love” ourselves.  But we are to love our others just as much as we love ourselves.  So, giving is an act of loving others as I would like to love myself.  If I needed something, I would give it to myself, so I give to others if they ask.   It is a discipline to give away and to do it with love.  

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways do you love the people around you?  
  2. Why is it sometimes challenging to love people?  

So What Activity:  Participate in an act of kindness today, out in the community, to help spread love.  


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